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Ms. Shinn was an artist and a metaphysics teacher in New York in the early part of this century. Her books are truly incredible. They are relatively short, but they are profound. Apparently, she had quite a following in her "heyday", for her lectures were well attended and her books were popular not only here in America, but also abroad.

I have only been able to find the titles of four of her books. Fortunately, they are still in print and are available from I seem to have a knack for stumbling across early writers for which there is little or no information available. But in a way, this makes it exciting. It is as if she is being discovered all over again.

Her writings focus on the power of affirmations and of our thoughts and words. I have experienced "first-hand" the truth of which she writes.

I would like to share with you some excerpts from these books. If you find them as thought provoking as I did, I am sure you will want to read them all. Enjoy!

Note: Please bear with me as this is an ongoing project of mine. I will add excerpts from all her books over time. Thanks, Linda.




~ Her Works ~

The Game of Life & How to Play It  (Published in 1925)
This is the cornerstone of her work. It is by far the most popular of all her books.

Your Word is Your Wand  (Published in 1928)
This is the sequel to "The Game of Life". It contains many affirmations and additional essays.

The Secret Door to Success   (Published in 1940)
This book consists of a series of lectures given by Ms. Shinn to her students.

The Power of the Spoken Word  (Published in 1945)
This book was created from Ms. Shinn's notes and memoranda.



~ Misc ~

Shinn Pen Pal List   This is our growing list of folks interested in communicating privately with others regarding Shinn's works.

Shinn Affirmations  Page featuring randomly generated Shinn affirmations.

Florence Shinn Bulletin Board This is a new forum created on the Delphi site which will allow us to share ("bulletin board style") our thoughts regarding the works of Florence Shinn.

Biography of Florence Scovel Shinn  Here you will find a biography of Florence as published in "The Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn."



~ Visitor Comments ~

Wow! What a response! I am so excited to discover that there are many people out there who have read Ms. Shinn's books. I never met anyone before that had even heard of her.

Below are just a few of my guestbook entries relating to Ms. Shinn:

    Andy wrote:

    Thank You for the only Florence Shinn page!! I have read her works and enjoy them almost every day. I have bought several copies of The Wisdom of Florence Shinn and handed them out among friends and family. I have been looking for a biography and picture of Florence Shinn, but have been unable to find any more than sketchy information at best. Keep up the good work and Look with wonder at that which is before you!! Andy


    Sam wrote:

    I'm a new student of truth and have recently descovered Florence Shinn. I can hardly wait until her complete works are here for us all. Thank you very much.


    GC wrote:

    "The Game of Life and How to Play It" has been an inspiration to me for a number of years. It was introduced to me by a friend in Ireland. I shall forever be grateful for the work of Ms. Shinn.


    John wrote:

    A very close friend of mine turned me on to Florence Shinn's writings. I am hooked! I can't believe how true so many of her philosophies I followed but never quite understood why. NoW I'm learning and I'm feeling so enriched for the experience.


    Kelli wrote:

    I have been a big fan of Ms. Shinn for quite some time. It's nice to see her get the credit she so richly deserves. I have purchased, probably, 4 diffrent "Shinn" books. People keep aquiring them from me. But that's okay, cause it's great!!!!!


    Grace wrote:

    I "found" Florence quite by accident in a little bookstore in Laguna Beach back in early 1993. I have read all four of her books. "The Game of Life" was the first one I read and it affected my life profoundly. I have read that book more than 20 times I'm sure. I still pick it up to read for inspiration. I only wish I could have met her.


Isn't that so cool?!!!



Thanks so much for visiting! I hope you enjoyed reading Ms. Shinn's work. Please be sure to sign my Guestbook before you leave and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks! Have a Great day!!




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