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Saturday, 27-Mar-99 23:21:58 EST


Someone stole my Sammy right off my front porch today...left his birdcage. I bought Sam when he was just out of his egg.....used to go down to Magnolia Bird Farm to feed him till he was old enough to take home. Loved to take his bath in my 2 hands under the faucet. My grandson's favorite.....Believe it or not, loved to stick his head in Grandson's mouth......Haven't told Danny yet. Oh, Sammy, Hope they're being nice to you....I love you, birdie. This is the only home you've ever known...My heart is broken...again. I swore I would take care of you forever...Why did someone take you? know you hopped on their finger..you're so sweet...I Love you Birdie....I'll never forget you my heart breaks for you I hope you're safe


Wednesday, 24-Mar-99 21:03:02 EST


Our sun conure was born on 11/23/98. we were given the opportunity by the pet store to come in and feed him his formula several times a day and play with him. This allowed for some valuable bonding time. He is very sweet and loving. I think we may have spoiled him a little too much because he never wants to be on his cage. He always wants to be with us either sleeping on his back or playing. Anyone given the opportunity to be owned by one of these birds is very lucky. They need to be treated as a member of the family and given the love and respect you give to each member of your family. My name is Tammy and Sunny is our birds name. Not very creative, but it fits.

Tammy Smith

Wednesday, 10-Mar-99 01:08:07 EST

my baby ringo

ringo is a white eye conure.. he is my special baby.. i was born deaf but when i was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 38 my parents bought home this ugly featherless little thing,.. they told me he would be beautiful when he grew up.. so i nurtured him and named him ringo. he has been my best friend now for 6 yrs.. he seems to know when i dont feel good..always giving me kisses.. takes naps in my bra between my breasts when i nap in my chair.. he is so sweet.

debra iatonna

Tuesday, 09-Mar-99 23:46:20 EST

What To Do With You Know Who?

My Sun Conure's name is Carmen. She's about five years old, and the reason I know for certain that she is a she, is because last Spring she laid eggs. She was sweet and so motherly with them, it was touching to watch - even though they were not fertile and nothing would come of them. Well, along with egg laying, came an interesting array of behaviors which appear to be aimed at getting me to pet and stroker her. Not only does she drop her head so that I will pet her neck, but she often will lift her wings so that I can stroke under her wings. She gets very insistent if I stop, and will go berserk (tear up her cage, scream, terrorize the parakeets) if I refuse to deal with her. This is embarrassing to say, but it's become quite obvious to me that she views me as her mate, and is getting sensual pleasure out of my petting her. Many times I'll start petting her and it seems sweet and affectionate, but then she swings into this full scale masturbation, where she sticks one of her legs up in the air, grasps her tail feathers, and twirls her tail feathers arounde with her leg. I freak out and put her back in her cage when she does this, because I think it's weird, and I don't want to encourage it. About a year ago, she started doing this behavior quite a bit. Not only when she has my attention, but even if I am in the room ten feet away, on the phone, or reading. She sits on her perch and twirls away, and even makes raspy moaning sound as she does it. At times I have shut the lights out, or clapped my hands to get her to stop and then try to get her interested in one of her toys or something. Nothing seems to really work, except temporarily in the moment. I can see that she isn't going to stop this, and that it's not a phase. I am not sure what to do. I accept her, because I raised her and she's my little parrot top! But I find myself alternately laughing out of embarrassment or actually being kind of repulsed. It's not an easy subject to tell others about either. When I called the vet school in town, I think they thought I was a prank caller. I have to be careful how I word things, and who I tell. What to do??? Miss Twirl-her-tail has many other behaviors that are quite cute and endearing. She doesn't say it clearly, but she says "peekaboo," and if I have been away a while and she misses me, she will often go into a whole paragraph of peekaboos, over and over. It's really cute. This other thing though, drives me crazy. What to do?


Monday, 08-Mar-99 01:29:57 EST

Cassanova, The "Upsidedownchicken" bird

My name is Suzanne, and I belong to a sweet 1-year old Jenday called Cassanova. I got him from a departed relative who had purchased him to have someone to keep him company, but died suddenly of a heart attack. Cassanova was only 3 months old, and had been well cared for and hand tamed/fed. He was standing on my finger within hours of coming to my home. Cassanova has a cat named Fantasia, too. The cat thinks it's fun to try and tease Cass, but he has a sharp beak and she runs for the hills! I want to share my Conure's unique ability to vocalize (which I guess varies from poor to very apt depending on the bird.) It took Cass about 2 months to learn anything, and the first sound was "bawk bawk, buk buk buk buk" in response to "what do chicken's say.." Nothing great. I came home one day a few weeks ago to find him literally hanging around from one leg upside down from one of his favorite perches. I put my things down, walked over, and said, "You are a silly upside down chicken!" and to my amazement he repeated, clear as can be "upsidedown" three or four times. This is now a ritual when I arrive home! His vocabulary changes daily. He says "pretty bird", "I'm a chicken", "HOT bird here...okay", "gimme that good stuff", and much more! Strange thing is, I have not extensively trained him to do this, he is just a chatterbox! Suzanne Springer

Suzanne Springer
Suzanne Springer, DJ

Wednesday, 24-Feb-99 09:14:57 EST

Expectant Cherry Head Mother to Be

After months of searching, preparing & waiting, I am finallCy picking up my new baby this week. I have been researching and collecting what I call my baby's layette items! I have not had this much fun since I was expecting my 1st human baby! I just can't wait. Thank you to all those who have shared their stories. My new Cherry Heads name will be Baby.

Brenda Cook
Cant give it out

Tuesday, 23-Feb-99 23:10:31 EST

Reggie, a Cuban Conure

Reggie came to live with us 4 months ago. She was given to us by someone who could not keep her because they already had two other birds. They acquired her from another family with two children. We think that she was either mis-handled, ignored in her cage or both, because she had behaviour problems. She bit us, screamed and was very afraid of hands. The first few days she became bonded with me, the mother of our family. I took her everywhere I went, all over the house, erronds, etc. I have been working with her slowly to regain trust of our hands and of us. Today, she has learned to say "hello" for something to eat, when we eat, instead of just taking or screaming for it. She is lots happier and almost never bites. She also enjoys an afternoon "snootzie" (our word for nap) with me. She stands with her belly over my eyes while we both sleep.

Caryl A. McCain

Sunday, 21-Feb-99 13:43:55 EST

My conure named snoopy

I have a sun conure that is 1 year and 5 months old everymorning when it is time to get up snoopy always chirps to wake me up at the time i get up everymorning, so without using an alarm clcok, i use her, she is also the sweetest conure bird that gives you kisses, lets you pat her, rub her neck and scratch undeneath her wings, she is such a joy to have, she doesn't say many phrases but she says -up up- when she wants u to pick her up and says give me a kiss mom, she immitates noises and dances to music, for anyone looking for a loveable bird get a sun conure:o)


Monday, 08-Feb-99 13:41:08 EST

Kissy--Love You

Suzie, the female half of my sun conure companion pair, LOVES kisses. She'll "smack" repeatedly, mumbling "Wuvwu" (love you). Although handfed, Suzie did not have much quality handling as a youngster until I got her at about 10 months old. She'd take treats, but didn't like hands on her. Through watching Solay, her male companion who loves being "handled," she became much more demonstrative, although still on her own terms. She has taken to the kissy-smack sound and touching beak-to-lip (or whatever) as her favorite way of expressing affection (along with a raised puff-head), but not only to me! If she's on the "baby" flight, supervising closely the actions of the youngsters, and I'm in the nearby computer room with Solay, I can call her and she'll zoom in, dive between t-shirts (conure-deco-holed ones) and give Solay two or three "smacks" before she starts grooming him. It's too cute! Some people talk about not having a pair because of the diminishing of the human/bird bond, but I haven't found that the case with these two. In fact, since they tend to be very touchy-feely birds, I think they need lots of physical contact, and since I'm not there during the day, they get that from each other. The minute my car drives in and I open the door, I hear them greeting me, and they're eager to share cuddles and kisses. Eb Cravens wrote a good article on having birds in pairs. I'm sure it's on a web site somewhere, and I do have it electronically. Let me know if you want it sent to you (as an attachment or faxed).

Marcy Covault

Sunday, 17-Jan-99 17:58:22 EST

Good-bye, Chomsky

My half-moon, Chomsky, died last week at age 14. I miss his screaming, as well as the talking that only I could understand (Hello. Hello, birdie. Hello, good birdie). I thought conures lived to be 25-30 and so was taken completely by surprise when we found him in the bottom of his cage. He was buried under the camellia I planted, not three miles from where he was born (House of Hausers, Maryland), after living in Virginia, Puerto Rico (where he twice flew free for a couple days) and now Maryland. He was easily hand tamed, but very protective of his cage. Okay there was the random, unpredictable bite, and the complete lack of toilet manners, but, hey. Just wanted to share with someone who might care. And I am also looking for a replacement, if you have any leads. I am a linguist (Noam Chomsky is the most well known linguist-- hence the bird's name) and would love a good talker.

Mari Broman Olsen

Monday, 11-Jan-99 13:59:13 EST

Bird head

My cherry headed conure, Paco sleeps with his head under his toy bell. He will do this every night.


Saturday, 26-Dec-98 10:55:20 EST

Oprah's connection

12-16-98 Alan and Lori Wood, Brazil, In Our Blue-crowned Conure Kilkea learned to talk pretty fast. One day while watching Oprah. She said "Girlfriennnd". I asked Kilkea if he wanted a girlfriend. He gave me a kiss and started calling me girlfriend. Now I am officially Girlfriend. Whenever he says it, he is calling for me. If I am not in the room, He will call Girlfriend until I answere him. lwood@ticzgte.net

lori wood

Saturday, 26-Dec-98 10:55:20 EST

Oprah's connection

Tuesday, 22-Dec-98 20:08:55 EST

The lonely conure

There was once a conure that had no one to love it.It just sat in the pet store and waited for someone to come by and take him home.One day a little girl came in the pet store with her mother and told her mother she wanted the conure.Her mother asked some people in the pet store about conures and finally came to her decission.She said if you care for it very well I will let you have it.The little girl said I promise to care for it.So she took the bird home and cared for it with loving care from that day on.


Wednesday, 16-Dec-98 16:26:17 EST


Hello, my name is Debbie and I belong to a very beautiful bird named TACO, a Jendaya Conure. I say, I belong, because as we all know these birds take possesion of our hearts and soul. Taco is 9 months old and has been with us since he was 3 months old and I was still feeding him once a day. Our flock of 10 birds counts 2 conures, TACO and FANNY (she is approx. 6-7 yrs), a Nanday. We purchased FANNY through an ad in the paper. We did not have much experience in birds yet but when we saw her in her cage designed for FINCHES, her missing toe nail on one foot and a crooked toe on the other, we could not let her be adopted by another IDIOT, so we brough her home. We bough her a castle (compared to her previous living conditions), and tried to give her the attention she needed. But She would not get out of her cage willingly, or would bite our fingers off if we approched her. So we called in help, a Bird behaviorest, she came to our home and showed us how to deal with FANNY. Now FANNY comes out of her cage to her playgym (on top) and interacts with the rest of the flock. She does not like to be taken away very far from her cage, if we bring her to another room to be with us she will be very unsecure and run for her cage as soon as apportunity knocks. But it has not been a year yet, she is still analysing us I believe, she wants to make sure we won't turn into IDIOTS also. We will never know what she went through before us. As for TACO, my baby, he like to be with FANNY, they trade food, YUK, but they say thats a loving sign..He also feeds me buy taking my finger in his beak and jerks (?) , double YUK, but I love him too. When we watch T.V. Taco will perch on my finger and lay back on my torso, and fall asleep. He hides under the blanket (my couch blanky) and makes baby sound and comes out to peak once in a while and give me a kiss. He HATES my 5 yr old daughter, if TACO is on my shoulder and she comes to hug me he flies down and tries to bite her, this upsets her very much because she would like to be able to play with him also, but he will have none of it. If she passes to close to his cage he will try to neep at her. I can't seem to do anything for that behavior. Well this is my story, it could go on for hours, my birds bring so much happiness in my life, but I'm running out of time at the moment. If you have questions about our flock (2 cockatails, 2 finches, 2 budgies, 2 pacific parrotlets and of course 2 conures), send me an e-mail, I will be happy to answer your questions. BYE

Debbie Ct

Tuesday, 17-Nov-98 22:12:19 EST

A Special Cherry-head

Hello. This story has a bit of a warning, so if you value those best friends, please pay attention, I don't want you to go through what me and mine recently had to endure. We had this lovely little Cherry-headed conure named Kiwi. I had gotten her in 9th grade, I didn't want to go back to school because I was so in love with her, she was always near me, she woke me up in the morning and she cuddled under my neck or behind my ear to keep me company. I'm currently living in an apartment where there is a strict policy about pets, so she was living with my boyfriend and his roommates, she was happier than ever, she was always quicker to bond with men than women! Flirt! Anyway, we both went to visit parents for a weekend, and one of his roommates ignorantly left a non-stick frying pan on, until the whole place was smoked up! He didn't think to take her outside, instead he opened the window behind her cage to vent the place! Apparently they heard some odd noises half an hour later and found her already dead at the bottom of the cage, after making a nest in her corn cob. She was 6, but should've had a sweet and loving life well into her twenties. What horrible news to come home to! Please, watch out for this, if you research it, you'll find it's a relatively common cause of death for parrots, the gas emitted by the Teflon or whatever they use is toxic when heated too highly, and humans don't detect it. Protect your birds! I adored her, but I don't think I really appreciated how much a friend she was until she died such a painful death. Don't let this happen to you. Kiwi was extra special, she had the sweetest temperament of any bird I'd seen before or have found since, and I won't settle for less. There was not a mean hollow bone in her and she didn't deserve such a cruel end. Pass the word on, please!

Tara Snyder

Friday, 06-Nov-98 17:32:35 EST

Daisy my baby!

One Friday when I didn't have to work, I went to this pet store, that my daughters had told me had an "awesome" bird room. I have always loved birds, and thought what the heck I'll go in and see what they have. I told my daughters that I was not buying anything. Well this 3 month old Patagonian Conure decided that she needed a new mommy and she picked me. It was love at first sight for both of us. I did not decide to purchase her right then and there, the Manager of the bird room, said that she was not ready to go home yet. She told me that I could take her home in a week or so. Well, I visited with the bird everyday, and the week was up so I took her home. I really fell in love with her. I decided to name her Daisy, I have had her for 3 months now. My daughters spend a lot of time playing with her. We have taught her how to kiss, she says pretty bird, get the bird, hello, step up, mommy, and she does the wolf whistle, and laughs with everyone else. She is a lot of fun, and can become quit noisy when she is not the center of attention. She has also learned to play quietly. I have not introduced her to the shower yet, I plan to soon. She loves to bathe in the kitchen sink, and will take a bath every hour, if she is allowed to. I can't wait to come home from work everyday, so I can play with her.


Tuesday, 03-Nov-98 17:11:57 EST

Lolas friend, the mouse

One day, I was holding Lola, my Cherryheaded Conure, and giving her scratches. The house was very calm and both of us were nearly asleep when I noticed a mouse sitting in the corner of the room. Realizing that with Lola on my lap that catching the thing would be impossible, I sat motionless and waited to see where the mouse would go. After ten minutes it never moved, I concluded that with all the calmness that Lola and I extruded that the mouse fell asleep as well. Cautiously, I stood up and put Lola on her cage. I Grabbed a pot that I could trap the mouse with. Quietly, I crept up on the mouse making sure not to scare it when, screech screech screech! The mouse immediately woke up and ran under the radiator and into the wall. Lola apparently didnt want me to catch the little mouse. I think that when Im not home they throw parties together or something. Go figure.

Jim de Corpo

Friday, 30-Oct-98 20:38:25 EST

Love at first sight

Merlin, our lovable little tyrant, seemed a bit lonely and frustrated. We both have jobs that keep us away from the house a lot, so our Nanday was out of joint a great deal. We wound up attending a pet expo in the area one weekend recently, and did not know how fate would intervene for our little feathered child. Once inside, there were quite a few vendors that had beautiful birds by the score. We, being a magnet for animals in trouble, stumbled upon a bird that really needed our help. We found what could have been described as a Dusky conure, but she really looked terrible. She had been through a particularly nasty molting, and had nothing left but pinfeathers and wings. Her last owner was afraid to handle her, so she was really shy and timid. Naturally, she went home with us. Upon arrival, our curious miscreant didn't know what to think. We were afraid he would go into avian hysterics about his new companion, so we hesitanly introduced the new arrival to the "king of the roost" Oh boy, here it comes. We were completely taken by surprise by the events to follow. The better half decided that it was bathtime for birdies. This is the amazing part. After Merlin the Nanday got his bath (he really gets into this), Smokey the Dusky reluctantly allowed her- self some dampness. Merlin then did the amazing. On seeing Smokey, he rushed to her side, and proceeded to preen her until every last pinfeather was gone. Now he has the love of his life, and the two spend a great deal of time chasing each other around with complete abandon. Who said there wasn't someone for everyone?

Joe and Lornida

Monday, 26-Oct-98 09:45:40 EST


I purchased a Sun Conure who was about 3 months old about one month ago and named her Rainbow. After getting him home and recieving a treat from her all over my shoulder, I decided it was time to potty train this bird. so, I introduced her to a bird perch I made for another bird who never like it much, and you won't believe what she did. I told her to "Go potty!" and she did! I thought this was too good to be true, so about 15 minutes later I put her back on her perch and she went potty again. Everytime I take Rainbow out of the cage, she "goes potty." Another interesting she does is she loves to lay on the back in my hands. One night she actually feel asleep in my hands. I have never had the pleasure of having a sun conure, but would highly reccommend these birds. Some people have warned me that they love to screem, but she only does makes that loud noise when she shes me enter in the room in the morning and when I come in the door. She's the best bird I have ever had!

Sheri Senft-Sulfaro

Wednesday, 14-Oct-98 21:12:28 EDT


I am proud to say i am owned by an eight week old nanday conure. He is learning to eat his rice and veggies off a spoon.Pepoel told me nandays were loud ,he has a voice to be heard for miles.Ducky likes to lay on his back and play dead he also plays fetch with a little soft ball. The only bad thing is that i always have alot of clothes to wash because he thinks i am his personal potty.


Sunday, 04-Oct-98 10:33:49 EDT

The Sleepy Conure

I am the proud owner of a Green Cheek conure named Kiwi. She is a real character. We keep Kiwis cage in the livingroom so she can be with the family. One night very late my husband and I were going to bed. I looked over at Kiwi and my heart stopped. She was laying in her food dish sideways with her head hanging down limp. I called her name but she didn't respond. On the verge of tears I opened her cage and up she popped. She was asleep! She watches t.v. while reclining in her dish. She just lays her head over when she gets sleepy. I put her into a bigger cage and she does the same thing on her perch. Her balance is wonderful. She is truly a joy to have around. I have recently acquired two jenday babies. I hope they will be as entertaining.

Melissa Duncan

Friday, 02-Oct-98 21:20:00 EDT

Pepper rules the roost

My Jenday Conure Pepper is about two years old now. He picked me out in the pet store when I went in to buy millet for our Cockatiel. He is my little buddy and he has quite a sense of humor. He will pretend to bite me and then laugh. He imitates my laugh and will laugh along with me. If I laugh real low he does the same, and if I laugh real high he does just the same. He says Good Morning, Hello, and Kisses. He makes very realistic, long smoochy noises, especially when he's sleepy. He bites my finger (not hard) and says, "Ow" and then laughs. He will take a shower with me or my husband, or happily have a bath in the sink. He thinks he owns our two dogs, and they apparently agree. He loves the following (in no particular order): Apples, laundry, showers, Ruby the Greyhound, cuddling, climbing up my sleeve, miniblinds (a no-no!), having his pinfeathers groomed, his mom and dad.

Gabrielle W.

Wednesday, 30-Sep-98 22:03:32 EDT

Dicki Birdy

I have a Gold Cap Conure. His name is Dicki and he is the biggest playful little guy I've every seen before! Today he was in his cage and I told him to go and get his blue ball, and he did! I was impressed and rewarded him greatly. He is not quite old enough to talk yet but he is getting ready! Dicki was in his cage one day and he started to screem. He wanted attention. I went to his rescue but ignored him 'til he was quiet. Then I went irght to petting and rewarding him. He went to his food ball and hid inside it. I said where my Birdy go?! Instantly he jumped out of his bowl and came to my rescue. He came over to me so I could pet him. Funny! After that he got to playful and fell. Then I came to his rescue again and started to pet him and confort him. It was so cute! He acted like I was his mother bird!!!

Sean Dougherty
I will not give it out, sorry.
The World of Animals and Birds!

Tuesday, 29-Sep-98 16:19:44 EDT


Zelda is a 3 year old Mitred Conure whose home we live in. she picked my wife out when she (Zelda) was 8 weeks old. We went into a pet store to by a parakeet to replace Harpo's girlfriend, Chico (RIP). My wife spotted the baby conures and in just a few moments Zelda spotted a sucker. With my wallet lightened by several hundred dollars, Harpo had a new friend. Zelda has been a delight mostly for me. She has bonded with me and pretty much doesn't want anything to do with anybody else when I am home. She learns quickly, and has taught the parakeet to whistle, talk and make animal noises (things that in the three years BZ, before Zelda, he would never do.) She enjoys bathing, but not in a bowl. That was way to much work for her and too much mess for us. She much prefers showers with my wife or I. She knows when it is time to wake the kids for school. She knows when the kids are coming home from school before we do since she knows what the bus sounds like and can apparently tell time. She knows when I get home since she knows what my truck sounds like and can apparently tell time. She creates an incredible mess every day. She insists that we treat her as royalty. She does not tolerate strangers. She screams so loud that we have to leave the room. She is such a pain. What would we do without her?

Glenn Muth

Monday, 28-Sep-98 11:28:54 EDT

sweet penny

i was given a 3 month old nandy conure for christmas in 1997. so she is just now 1 year old. i have never owned a bird before, but i can tell you that this bird is such an enjoyable pet to have. i can't emagine life without her. Penny is her name, and playing and chewing is her game. i could just watch her for hours. she rolls onto her back and plays like that for a long time. holding things in her 'paws' while chewing. oh i just love her! Sometimes she will walk to the end of her cage door, while it is open, and hang by one toe...w hile stretching as far as she can to reach the cats tail as he passes underneth the cage. it's quite a site. yes our cat, whiskers, and penny amazingly get along very well. well just wanted to pay tribute to my penny who i love and couldn't amaging living without

karen bruyea

Sunday, 27-Sep-98 19:00:44 EDT

Buddy my baby

I've been bugging my parents about a bird since I was about 8 years old and now 5 years later, I own a 2 year old sun conure named Buddy. When we first got him, Buddy was so sweet and afraid of everything. Now, everthing's afraid of him! Especially my dogs Tiffany and Brandy, they're terrified of him. Buddy's problem is that he is soooooo jealous. I remember when my best friend Lauren used to come over, he'd sit on her shoulder and play with her like everyone else. Now he attacks all of our guests, he evn hates Lauren the most. He loves me and my family though. Infact, he's sitting on my shoulder right now. I love the little guy. He says a few things like "Ouch!", "Wockle!", and something else that shouldn't write that my dad says everytime the bird poops somewhere he shouldn't poop. The reason he says the word wokkle is because he makes a noise that sounds like wokkle. We started saying that and he picked it up as a word. Wokkle is also his nickname. He sits with us all day and takes naps on our shoulders. He bites sometimes but is usually pretty sweet.

Christy Micaletti

Wednesday, 23-Sep-98 00:21:45 EDT

Rosie the dancing sun conure.

Rosie, my two year old sun conure loves to dance. Whenever he hears music he begins to dance. He learned this while sitting on my shoulder. One day I was washing dishes while listening to Latin music when out of the corner of my eye I noticed Rosie moving with beat. Whenever he hears a commercial with music he begins to dance. That's my dancing boy.


Saturday, 12-Sep-98 12:54:30 EDT

Solly the Sun Conure

Well, I must admit that I never have had an interest in birds, except for those in the wild. Solly had other ideas in mind for me. You see we have a child whoops I mean dog named Rex. He is a big 100 lb Shep mix that insists on getting at least one new toy a week. Anyway, on one of my trips to Petsmart I walked by a cage inhabited by a very very loud small green & yellow bird. I stopped to take a look at him, wondering what all the comotion was about. As I said "hello" this little green & yellow bird started tilting his head, fanning his wings and making soft little sounds (like none I had ever heard before). I softly talked to the little guy who really seemed to want his head to be rubbed (I obliged) Our first interaction lasted for about one hour because everytime I tried to walk away he started screeching again. Well, I could not get the bird out of my head. I mentioned the bird to my husband (he was not impressed) and began to make secret daily trips to Petsmart in order to spend time with this bird. After about 3 weeks I could bear it no longer. I took my husband to see the bird which I had come to find out was a 4 month old Sun Conure. My husband spent a total of 1 minute with the bird , turned to me and said when is he coming home?? We needed a few days to get a cage, toys and read up on our new family member and 2 weeks ago. "Solly" came home. We were warned that Solly was a very difficult bird and that I would take quite a while for him to get used to being in our home. I am not sure exactly what "quite a while" means, but it took Solly all of about 10 minutes. He loves to play, shower, take naps in my shirt, have supervised play time in our plum tree. Solly and Rex have developed an interesting welcoming party to anyone coming over to the house - barking & screeching in tandem. Solly has learned the sound of our cars in the driveway and is celebrating our return long before we actually get through the door. Solly does not seem much intested in talking but does attempt the bark. He is also quite amused by the animal channel on TV. I guess I really want to say that I have fallen in love with the little guy that picked me out at Petsmart.

Sara Potgieter

Wednesday, 09-Sep-98 13:54:38 EDT

Gracie - A Very Special Nanday

Gracie's story is a long one so I have constructed a web site just for her at: http://members.delphi.com/birdymom/index.html If you get a chance, stop by and read Gracie's Story. Hugs, Becky and Feathered Friends

Becky and Feathered Friends
Gracie A Very Special Nanday Conure

Saturday, 05-Sep-98 21:35:38 EDT

The Haircut

My Jenday conure, Gonzo very easily picked up the "wolf whiste" because we always tell him what a pretty bird he is. One day our Westie, Crissy got a really short haircut from the groomer. We all thought she looked terrible, but when Crissy entered the room, Gonzo leapt to the floor of his cage, took one look at her, and gave the longest, loudest wolf whistle ever! He is very smart and always uses his words and phrases appropriately, but this time he really did make us laugh. At least he made Crissy feel a little better about the bad haircut!


Tuesday, 25-Aug-98 21:36:19 EDT

Bandit and Nikko

Well it started when i went to my aunts house to see her new bird. He was a baby Jenday conure named Nikko, and i fell in love with the litte guy. I would always go over there and play with him, then my aunt suggested that i should get a conure to. But i wasn't sure, but the more i thought about it i wanted one for my own more and more. So i would check in the paper everday and see if anyone had any babies cheaper than in the pet stores. (cause my mom wouldn't let me spend as much as the pet store wanted) So one day a saw an add for a Nanday conure named Bandit for a reasonable price, so i asked my aunt to go with me to check out the one year old bird. It turns out when we got there my aunt knew the woman cause my aunt signed the papers for Bandit to go home. And when i got my new baby home i looked in his drawer and found that Bandit and Nikko were born within like 3 weeks of each other and in cages right next to each other. So i was happy, cause me and my aunt would take our birds on car rides with us and to the video store. Now me and my aunt have morein commom and talk and hang out more. Bandit and Nikko are 6 years old now and both very healthy and happy.


Monday, 24-Aug-98 10:46:25 EDT

Crazy Birdy!!!

I have a crazy little gold cap conure. I call him "Sweetybird" or "Dicki Birdy". When we first brought him into the house he looked at my cat, my cat got too close and then...BANG!!! Little sweetybirdy attacked my cat! It was great! Then after that my cat ran away! THen when we took the bird out and put the other animals in another room, he tryed to get my cat and dog! Know his new trick is to hang upside down and screem and preen...if I say he is "a crazy birdy", he starts to make little giggly sounds!


Friday, 14-Aug-98 10:25:24 EDT


My mother was hold our conure on her shouder and our cat jumped on her lap. All the cats in our house are scared of the birds. So Cheeper (the conure) ran down my mom's shouder and bit the tar out of my cat's ear!! It was soo funny because Cheeper can laugh like my mom. After that my mom was hystracal. Cheeper laughed right with her.


Tuesday, 11-Aug-98 19:45:15 EDT


Ok folks, I'm sure you've heard all you can stand about Louie :) Please tell us about your feathered bundles of joy! Thanks for visiting. I can't wait to read your stories!! Linda


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